The ORCID US Community has made a lot of progress in the last year since this group was formed. This is our second newsletter, featuring updates from across the community over the last several months. To contribute to future newsletters, please email

Community Snapshot 

  • Member institutions = 117 
  • Member ORCID activity:
    • 49% of members have integrated ORCID with one or more systems (77 live system integrations at 57 institutions)  
    • 51% of members are in planning and/or development stages of ORCID system integration 
    • All members are promoting ORCID to their affiliated researchers 

Survey: Webinar/Call Topics of Interest 

To help plan for the next series of webinars and community calls for the ORCID US Community, please complete this brief survey (5 min.) to give your input by June 30, 2019. 

ORCID US Community Awards 

The first round of winners (2018-2019) for the “ORCID US Community Awards” have been identified, to recognize and encourage participation, sharing, and achievements in the ORCID US Community. We will have another round of awards next year, with winners announced in May 2020; see award category details and more information.

Congratulations to this year’s Award Winners: 

  • “Most Active” individual = Elena Kazakova, Senior Business Analyst, University of Colorado Boulder with 6 posts in the ORCID US Community discussion forum 
  • “Most Helpful” individual = Jason Ronallo, Department Head, Digital Library Initiatives, North Carolina State University. Nomination: “Jason has been incredibly informative and generous in sharing his work with the community, and with [my institution] specifically when we have asked for examples for a similar ORCID connector implementation.” 
  • Institutional Involvement” = Tie between Stanford University and Yale University, with 8 individuals from each institution plugged into the ORCID US Community discussion forum 
  • “Institutional Achievement” = the following member institutions have released custom ORCID integrations this year:

New Community Resources 

Membership Updates 

The ORCID US Community has reached 117 members!  

New Members since January 2019: 

  • Brandeis University 
  • California Digital Library 
  • Dartmouth College 
  • Drexel University 
  • Harvard Medical School 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 
  • Oregon State University 
  • Southern Methodist University 
  • Tulane University 
  • University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • University of Rhode Island 

What else are members up to? 

Presenting on ORCID: 

Promoting ORCID to researchers: 

In Case You Missed It: