Community Collections Spotlight Webinar Series

August 19, 2019By LyrasisLyrasis, Preservation

Recordings of these sessions are available to LYRASIS Learning subscribers. If you are interested in subscribing to LYRASIS Learning for unlimited access to our live, online classes and recordings of all our past classes, contact us. LYRASIS and CollectionSpace are very pleased to announce the “Community Collections Spotlight” – a series of webinars highlighting the way … Read More

Meeting the Needs of Cultural Heritage Communities for In-house Digitization Solutions

February 28, 2018By LyrasisDigitization, Lyrasis, Preservation

By Katy Klettlinger As you may already know, LYRASIS has a long history of expertise with digitization, including through the LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative, made possible by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, creating the program in 2008. This led to excellent and established ongoing relationships with top experts and industry leaders, such as … Read More

In the Eye of the Storm: How Federal Funding Rescues Arts and Culture in Times of Disaster

September 6, 2017By LyrasisLyrasis, Performing Arts Readiness, Preservation

Article originally posted on A guest post by Thomas F. R. Clareson, senior consultant for digital and preservation services at LYRASIS and project director of Performing Arts Readiness. Beginning the weekend of August 26–27, Hurricane Harvey bore down on Texas and Western Louisiana, surpassing records for total rainfall from a single hurricane in the continental … Read More

Flooding in Louisiana: Preservation Resources

August 16, 2016By LyrasisLyrasis, Preservation

In light of the current flooding in Louisiana, we want to make sure that those of you in the affected areas have access to the help and resources you may need to keep your collections safe. If you have experienced flooding affecting their collections, you can call our emergency number at 504.300.9478 or the National … Read More

LYRASIS in the News: Experts Say Preserving History is Vital After a Disaster

April 29, 2016By LyrasisLyrasis, Preservation

Kudos to LYRASIS team members Tom F. Clareson and Annie Peterson for their great work on this important project. Originally published on – Jackson, MS BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – First responders almost always arrive before anyone else at any disaster scene. They understand that preventing the past from being destroyed is very important, a lesson learned … Read More

The Gulf Coast Recovery Project: A Retrospective

September 2, 2015By Jennifer BielewskiPreservation

This past weekend marked the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and its destructive aftermath. Many of us were there, helping from the minutes before the storm hit to months later when people from all over pitched in however possible to rebuild and restore communities. In 2006, LYRASIS received a $12 million grant from the … Read More

33 1/3: Tips for Caring for Vinyl

July 28, 2015By Jennifer BielewskiLyrasis, Preservation

Vinyl has definitely made a comeback throughout the years. The sound quality, nostalgia, layout and cover art are just a few reasons many of us continue to collect, purchase and maintain vinyl. Recently, Billboard Charts began to track statistics of the top selling vinyl sales for 2015 to date. Many of us here at LYRASIS who … Read More