We are truly excited about the LYRASIS Member Summit 2016, October 17-18. Below are 6 reasons to get you excited as well.

1. It’s in Atlanta!

The coolest city in America, even though the temps are hot in the summer.


2. Breakout sessions

Our breakout sessions feature big thinkers who are also doers.


Please note that Mr. DeGrasse Tyson won’t be speaking, but check out the great names of who will be speaking.

3. Prepare to quote our formidable keynote.

Robert Cartolano is an expert in content and technology and is AVP for Digital Programs and Technology Services for Columbia University Libraries/Information Services.

He’s also from Columbia, like everyone’s favorite founding father/hip hop star.


4. NEW Tote Bag

We’ll be giving away a LYRASIS Member Summit tote bag. Unfortunately it won’t have a cat on it, but here’s a consolation gif.


5. Content for our myriad of members

No matter what your focus is, our agenda will have sessions that interest you.

6. Meet our fearless leader, LYRASIS CEO, Robert Miller.

Maybe he’ll take you for a run.


For more information, visit here.