Join us for the LYRASIS Member Summit October 17 – 18 in Atlanta, GA to discuss, learn and collaborate on the biggest issues facing knowledge communities today including content, open source and technology.

The Summit will kick off with a keynote entitled “21st Century Technologies and Your Role in the Digital Shift” by Robert Cartolano, AVP for Digital Programs and Technology Services for Columbia University Libraries/Information Services.

All LYRASIS members receive one free registration to this important meeting.

[zilla_toggle title=”Session 1 – Monday, October 17″ state=”open”] The Roles of Libraries, Archives, Museums in Creating and Sustaining Open Knowledge

Open content is a revolutionary next step in content for your community and we’ve brought together a panel of speakers who are the true movers and shakers of the open movement. We’re excited to bring members together with these major influencers who are shaping the open content movement in significant ways. Be there to make your voice heard and don’t miss this chance to play a larger role in the overall discourse. The more who participate, the more impact we can make together.

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[zilla_toggle title=”Session 2 – Tuesday, October 18 (morning)” state=”closed”] Open Source Software and Community Supported Software – Sustaining Together

Open Source and Community Supported Software encompass a huge new world with a lot of promise for archives, libraries and museums. Open source programs are using best practices from our own fields and building new tools that can be enhanced and stewarded by the community. This session will give you an overview of various open source projects and what you need to know to participate in an open source project and community, as well as the opportunity to talk with the experts from four open source projects.

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[zilla_toggle title=”Session 3 – Tuesday, October 18 (afternoon)” state=”closed”] Digitization Strategies and Technology: New Info and Tools That Will Help You Decide What Software is Right for Your Institution

We know that libraries, archives and museums have a wealth of technology and software solutions to choose from, including Open Source. The biggest challenge is not finding new options but determining which are best for your needs and institution. This session will give you the chance to work together to learn and discuss what the key decision factors are for implementing new technologies and software. What are your goals? How might these tools impact your cost? How do you determine which solution is most effective? [/zilla_toggle]

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