Public Libraries serve as vital community hubs, bringing people together and creating physical and digital spaces for engagement, learning and the sharing of knowledge. At Lyrasis¹, we support those efforts with innovative technologies such as The Palace Project, BiblioBoard and the Indie Author Project that give librarians tools to help strengthen their library’s role as community and cultural centers.

We create software that actively champions the needs of libraries in the digital space. Our passion lies in finding creative solutions to challenges many people face across the industry, including book bans, unfavorable licensing terms, support for local authors and creatives and consolidation within the broader library market.

With our community engagement tools like BiblioBoard and the Indie Author Project, you can seamlessly create, share and discover unique, local content through your library. Whether you’re hosting patron art contests, showcasing area musicians, championing local writers or preserving forgotten community histories, our software solutions help support your library’s growing role in your community and beyond the bookshelf.

Diana Learned, librarian at San Jose Public Library, shared that “by creating curations digitally, SJPL can highlight the amazing work of all participants rather than just a select few. BiblioBoard has helped us expand an ongoing program and further grow a community both online and off.” In Texas, the Bexar County library system has worked with local communities to create digital anthologies to reflect the unique and diverse history of each community. Laura Cole, Library Director at Bexar County, shared, “Our 300th Anniversary Archive continues to be an exciting tool for our residents to connect to their local history in a rich, meaningful way as well as a gateway for patrons to explore our library.”

In addition to these unique community engagement offerings, we provide digital content solutions from The Palace Project. Palace gives your patrons effortless access to more of your library's collections in one easy-to-use app by partnering with other vendors across the industry. Through this and the content in our non-profit Palace Marketplace, we support your library's mission to increase access and expand the discovery of diverse collections.

The Palace Project is more than just software, though. It’s a community that fosters growth and equitable access to content through today’s modern library landscape. Our team advocates on behalf of libraries to increase favorable content licensing terms, curates an ever-growing, high-value collection of open-access content through the Palace Bookshelf, and develops partnerships that help your library tackle the challenges being faced today and well into the future.

To learn more about the work we’re doing in the ebook and community engagement space and discuss how we can help you incorporate new technologies and solutions into your library, please email us at

¹ Lyrasis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization whose mission is to support enduring access to the world’s shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions and collaboration with archives, libraries, museums and knowledge communities worldwide. Lyrasis organizational and staff values are communication, respect, collaboration, impact and service.

Lyrasis was created by its members to help them tackle wide-reaching challenges with collective strength, including the development and selection of new technology solutions; fostering community-wide projects that help deliver better outcomes and services; content creation, acquisition and management; support for new content models and strategies; and large-scale knowledge management programs unique to collections-holding institutions.

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