We wanted to share some exciting news from The Palace Project! Our strategic partner The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has launched a new initiative that will make ebook copies of banned titles available via the Palace free ereader app. By leveraging Palace technology, users of the Banned Book Club will have easy access to titles that may otherwise have been unavailable to them because of their location, all through a user-friendly app. Learn more about the Banned Book Club at thepalaceproject.org and on Palace social channels, linked below. We will continue to share important news with all Palace users here in the hub. Please reach out to us with questions anytime.

Palace on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/palacelibrary
Palace on Twitter: twitter.com/Palacelib
Palace on Instagram: instagram.com/the_palace_project/
Palace on Facebook: facebook.com/ThePalaceProject

We’re excited to be part of such an important project!

The Banned Book Club FAQ

How does The Banned Book Club work?

In locations where books have been banned, The Banned Book Club offers free access to those books through the free Palace e-reader app. To get started, follow these four easy steps:
(1) Download the free Palace Project app for iOS or Android
(2) Open the app and select “Banned Book Club”
(3) Browse the catalog and select a title you would like to read by tapping the title and clicking “Get”
(4) Sign up for your own virtual library card by clicking on “Create Card” and walking through the steps

How do I access the Palace app?

The Palace app is available for free download for iOS or Android. Search “Palace Project” in either the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download the app to your device.

What titles are available?

The Banned Book Club strives to make all books that have been banned (removed from library shelves) across the U.S. available in the collection. The list of banned books comes from data gathered by PEN America. You can access the banned book titles by selecting the “Banned Book Club” from the list of libraries in the Palace app.

For how long can I check out books?

Each book can be checked out for 21 days.

Can I borrow books that have not been banned?

Readers can also access more than 25,000 freely licensed ebooks by choosing “Palace Bookshelf” as your library in the Palace app or browsing here. If your library uses the Palace app, you can also choose your library to access books from your library’s collection.

Who can use the Banned Book Club library?

Users in locations where books have been banned will be able to sign up for a virtual library card and checkout the titles in the Banned Book Club library. If you are a user in an area that has not banned a book, you will not be able to create a virtual library card at this time.