The ORCID US Community, a national group of ORCID member research institutions in the United States led by LYRASIS, has reached 100 members, and counting! With support from Sheila Rabun, ORCID US Community Specialist at LYRASIS, the group is poised to go further together and fully take advantage of the benefits that ORCID offers for both individual researchers and research institutions. Celeste Feather, Senior Director for Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at LYRASIS, says, “We have seen steady growth in membership for the ORCID US Community over the past several months, and we are thrilled to have reached the 100 member milestone! With the creation of dedicated communication channels this summer, including the new ORCID US Community website, member institutions can now easily share knowledge and learn from each other. We look forward to continuing to provide support for this growing community.”  

To commemorate this exciting milestone, please join us on Wednesday, Sept. 12 from 3:00-4:30 PM Eastern for the first ever ORCID US Community Showcase webinar, featuring an overview of the ORCID US Community and ORCID integration case studies from Boston College, Cornell University, New York University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Virginia. 

There are currently 18 ORCID consortia across the globe, including the ORCID US Community. Laurel Haak, Executive Director of ORCID, says, “We are pleased to see the US university community coming together around ORCID strategy and implementation. With the support of LYRASIS, researchers in the US can easily share their iD and ORCID record information with their institutions, which can in turn update their ORCID record. The US ORCID consortium is making ‘enter once, reuse often’ a reality.”

For more information about the ORCID US Community, please visit, and see the ORCID blog.