Introducing VIVO

December 2, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace

By Julia Trimmer and Bruce Herbert Since making headlines in 2009 with the award of a $12.2 million NIH grant, the VIVO Project has grown into a platform with multiple applications and scores of community-developed tools. VIVO is a community-supported software program that’s now part of the DuraSpace Community Supported Programs Division, so it might … Read More

Revisit the VIVO Conference 2020!

September 9, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace No Comments

The VIVO Conference 2020, which took place past June 16-18, was unique in many ways;  We have had our first online conference, a form of event that is becoming increasingly common and likely to remain for the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic, and it was a big step to make the VIVO community more inclusive. … Read More

Are Your University’s Researchers Discoverable?

July 14, 2020By Julia Trimmer, VIVO Community MemberDuraSpace

As the world awaits more information about COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we look to biomedical research to deliver information, treatments, and an eventual vaccine.  Lately, research processes are accelerating, and researchers are collaborating, comparing results, and working together more than ever. To collaborate effectively, researchers need to find each other quickly, but that can … Read More

VIVO Conference 2020: Explore the Program

June 9, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace, Events

The VIVO Conference will be held next week,  June 16-18 online. The organizers are pleased to invite you to browse this year’s exciting and comprehensive VIVO conference program. The program includes a Keynote and many speakers, workshops, panels, lightning talks and more–all online, easy for everyone to attend, and free of charge! Register Dr. Mathias … Read More

11th Annual Vivo Conference 2020

May 27, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace

Are you planning to attend the 11th international VIVO conference? Don’t wait. register now!! We are finishing the review of the many really interesting proposals submitted by the international community. We are proud to have Dr. Mathias Brochhausen as keynote speaker. Dr. Brochhausen is Associate Director of Education Programs and Associate Professor, in the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics … Read More

VIVO Scholar Advances

April 27, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace

Sprint 17 took place from March 30  to April 17. Work continued on improvements to functionality related to Search–paging facets, date slider, etc. Another sprint was added to the schedule with the beta version of VIVO Scholar due to be wrapped up by June 1. Sprint 17 included the following tasks: Cleanup of search features, part … Read More

VIVO Conference 2020 announces Call for Proposals

April 23, 2020By LyrasisDuraSpace, Product Spotlight

Call for Proposals is open! The 2020 VIVO conference task force invites proposals for the eleventh annual VIVO conference to be held June 16 – 18, 2020 online. Please submit abstracts for presentations, workshops, posters, or demos before May 15, 2020. Focus topics and trends Persistent identifiers of interest in scholarship Open data sources Non-traditional … Read More

Recent VIVO Sprint Focus: Capability to Add New and Enable Existing Languages

April 20, 2020By LyrasisProduct Spotlight

The most recent i18n VIVO sprint ended on Friday, April 17. The team consisted of ten participants from 6 different organizations. The top-level objective of the ongoing effort is to establish a clearly-documented capability within VIVO to add new and enable existing languages such that both the static text as well as the site-specific data … Read More

VIVO 1.11.1 is Now Available!

March 16, 2020By LyrasisProduct Spotlight No Comments

VIVO 1.11.1 is a point release containing two patches to the previous 1.11.0 release: Security patch that now prevents users with self-edit privileges from editing other user profiles [1] Minor security patch to underlying puppycrawl dependency (CVE-2019-9658) [2] Upgrading from 1.11.0 to 1.11.1 should be a trivial drop-in replacement. If you are upgrading from 1.10 … Read More

Dr. Michael Conlon: Leadership Marked Tenure as VIVO Project Director

January 6, 2020By adminLyrasis

Dr. Michael Conlon, the VIVO Project Director since 2015 who has guided VIVO from a grant-funded project to an open-source, member-supported community, has stepped down from that position on December 20, 2019. As the Emeritus Project Director, Mike will continue to be active in the VIVO Project, leading the Ontology Interest Group and serving as … Read More

Make Your ArchivesSpace, CollectionSpace, DSpace, Fedora or VIVO Site Count: Add your Instance to the DuraSpace Community Supported Programs Division Registry at LYRASIS

September 24, 2019By Carol Minton MorrisDuraSpace, Lyrasis

The DuraSpace Registry currently features more than 2,500 DSpace, Fedora and VIVO installations from around the world. With the completion of the DuraSpace and LYRASIS merger on July 1, 2019, CollectionSpace and ArchivesSpace instances will also be highlighted in the Registry to reflect the growing DuraSpace Community Supported Programs Division of LYRASIS, which encompasses ArchivesSpace, CollectionSpace, DSpace, … Read More