The most recent i18n VIVO sprint ended on Friday, April 17.

The team consisted of ten participants from 6 different organizations.

The top-level objective of the ongoing effort is to establish a clearly-documented capability within VIVO to add new and enable existing languages such that both the static text as well as the site-specific data is exposed in a language-aware context. Additionally, the effort is focused on adding the ability to create language-aware content in the native VIVO user interface.

In addition to establishing a cohesive and productive team, the primary outcomes of the sprint include:

1. Initial (pre-beta) implementation of i18n edit capabilities, found on the “sprint-i18n” branches of the VIVO [1], Vitro [2], VIVO-languages [3] and Vitro-languages [4] projects
2. Comprehensive testing of the i18n implementation across (almost) all UI pages, and associated JIRA ticket [5] creation
   – 63 JIRA bug tickets created (14 resolved)
   – 6 JIRA improvement tickets created (4 resolved)
   – 4 JIRA test tickets created
   – 4 JIRA documentation tickets created
3. Selenium testing framework [6] created with a focus on i18n
4. Git / GitHub process documentation [7] created to help onboard team members to the VIVO development processes

Remaining tasks include:
1. Finish testing of remaining few UI pages
2. Resolving and verifying fixes of identified bugs
3. Documentation of how to use the updated functionality, how to enable languages, and how to add a new language
4. Expanding Selenium tests
5. Code refactoring

In order to complete the outstanding tasks, we will be holding one-week-long sprints during the months of May, June and July.

Mark you calendars! These sprints will be happening on the third full week of the month:
1. May 18-22
2. June 15-19
3. July 20-24