The VIVO Conference 2020, which took place past June 16-18, was unique in many ways; 

We have had our first online conference, a form of event that is becoming increasingly common and likely to remain for the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic, and it was a big step to make the VIVO community more inclusive.  

We are proud to announce the highest participation since 2011: 261 registrants from 23 countries worldwide (from almost all of the continents, except Antarctica), were able to attend 44 presentations from 56 co-authors.

 We had really interesting presentations related to VIVO implementations, ontology developments and in general related to research information systems and research data management.

The virtual conference was recorded, and is now published on the TIB AV Portal. You can find the recorded presentations in the VIVO 2020 collection

More presentations will be published soon!

Thanks to all participants and the VIVO community in general for the great success of the 11th VIVO 2020 Conference. 


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