Sprint 17 took place from March 30  to April 17. Work continued on improvements to functionality related to Search–paging facets, date slider, etc.

Another sprint was added to the schedule with the beta version of VIVO Scholar due to be wrapped up by June 1.

Sprint 17 included the following tasks:

  • Cleanup of search features, part 1 (not finished yet)
  • Substantial progress on responsiveness/the mobile UI
  • Sprint 19 added and beta release date planned for June 1

Watch a short demo video here.

The next VIVO Scholar Town Hall, an open forum for questions and discussion, is scheduled for Friday, May 15, at 10:00 AM EDT. Or contact Julia Trimmer to schedule a call with anyone on the team.

The VIVO Scholar demo is live, but still under development. Join the #vivo-scholar Slack channel to see what the developers are talking about and working on.