During these COVID-19 times, every day is uncertain. Change is happening quickly. Libraries are reopening and our communities are looking to us for some normalcy to return. Leading change management is a critical task for leaders. In this new constant change environment, leaders need to do more than manage change, they need to create a change-ready culture.

How to get started? Join us for Change in VUCA Times: From Change Management to Change Readiness on July 22 with Steven Bell and in partnership with San Jose State University.

This ninety-minute webinar will  introduce participants to change readiness, a set of practices in which staff develop a new change mindset that shifts the focus from treating every change as a static event that must be managed in order to be accepted and implemented to one in which staff accept that change is a constant, regular practice of the VUCA (volatile; uncertain; complex; ambiguous) environment in which we now exist. Attendees will explore change readiness practices such as:

  • Thinking like a futurist
  • Cross-boundary networking
  • Strategically managing ambiguity
  • Uncovering patterns
  • What if questions

This webinar employs activities to engage attendees with change readiness practices that contribute to the development of the mindset. Let’s learn how to be change ready together. Register today!

For more about change readiness, please see Steven’s article, From Change Management to Change-Ready Leadership | Leading From the Library.