In 2017 LYRASIS members shared the idea that a flexible continuing education platform could allow institutions and organizations to send entire work teams to all the training they might want or need at their convenience. LYRASIS members were looking for ways to confidently manage staff professional development needs on an affordable annual basis. It was a tall order. From that idea LYRASIS Learning was born.

The LYRASIS Learning continuing education platform offers participants a broad catalog of classes and workshops on topics of interest to practitioners and leaders in the cultural heritage  ecosystem—public and academic libraries, archives, research organizations, galleries, and museums—available online at their convenience. 

“LYRASIS Learning has become a foundational piece of our library’s professional development initiatives. There are relevant sessions available for personnel at all levels of experience. It is a particularly wonderful resource for newly-hired staff who have little or no previous library experience.” —Arkansas State University 

LYRASIS Learning provides access to the entire catalog of LYRASIS archived training as well as to unlimited live, online classes. For an annual fee that can be easily added to the cost of your LYRASIS membership, participants can access a wide array of learning opportunities for staff all year long. Contact to subscribe to LYRASIS Learning,

If you have questions or suggestions for additional classes or workshops please contact Annie Peterson, Program Leader, at