Launched in January 2018 and officially staffed in May 2018, the  ORCID US Community  has come a long way this year! This is the first official ORCID US Community Newsletter, featuring 2018 highlights of ORCID activities across the community. To contribute to future newsletters, please email

Community Snapshot

  • Member institutions = 107
  • ORCID iDs associated with US member institutions = ~300,000 (based on general public affiliation data as of Oct. 1, 2018)
  • Member ORCID activity:
    • 46% of members have integrated ORCID with one or more systems:
      • 65 live system integrations at 49 institutions
      • Vendor-hosted Research Information Systems make up half of live integrations
    • 54% of members are in planning and/or development stages
    • 100% of members are working on ORCID education and outreach to researchers

ORCID US Community – ORCID Integrations

New Community Resources

Member Survey

What resources and/or activities would you like to see in the ORCID US Community? Please  contribute your feedback  now (it takes ~5 minutes). Some initial data has already been collected from 31 member representatives earlier this year via the 2018 ORCID Member Survey (see Survey Results section below).

Upcoming Events

  • Tues. Dec. 11 at 9am Eastern: Webinar: ORCID in Publishing: Best Practices for ORCID in Journal Manuscript Submission and ReviewDetails and Registration 
  • Tues. Dec. 11 at 2pm Eastern: Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA)/ORCID webinar featuring ORCID presentations from Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, and University of Virginia. Details and Registration 
  • Thurs. Dec. 13 at 12pm Eastern: ORCID US Community Repositories call. See details and agenda
  • Thurs. Dec. 13 at 2pm Eastern: Webinar: ORCID + Interfolio – Easy Data Management for Scholars (Better Together). Details and Registration

Membership Updates

The ORCID US Community reached 100+ members this year!

New Members since March 2018

  • Augusta University
  • Bucknell University
  • California State University (CSU) Northridge
  • Colorado State University
  • Florida State University
  • Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Mississippi State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of California, San Diego
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

2018 Member Survey Results – compiled November 1, 2018

Many thanks to the 31 ORCID US Community member representatives who contributed to the survey results below. If you have not yet answered these questions, please  contribute your feedback  now (it takes ~5 minutes).

Survey Results (click to view)

What are the current needs around ORCID at your organization? 

  • Implementation of interoperable system connections for both reading and writing ORCID data (9 responses)
  • User adoption (registering for ORCID and populating ORCID record data) (6)
  • Integration with ID management system (3)
  • More functionality from a vendor system (3)
  • Integration with repository and publishing platforms (2)
  • Integration with grant submission system (2)

What ORCID US community activities would you like to participate in?

  • Community call (15 responses)
  • Regional in-person event (12)
  • National in-person event (10)
  • Community buddy/mentor program (6)

What webinar topics would you find helpful?

  • Promoting to researchers (15 responses)
  • Custom system integration (12)
  • Benefits for institutions (12) – see  Benefits of ORCID for Research Institutions
  • Common ORCID FAQs (9)
  • Vendor system integration (7)

What conference(s) do ORCID-related staff at your institution typically attend?

  • Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) (9 responses)
  • American Library Association (ALA) (8)
  • Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum (6)
  • Open Repositories (OR) (4)
  • Code4Lib (3)
  • Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) Forum (2)
  • Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) (2)
  • PIDapalooza (2)
  • Force11 (2)
  • Charleston Conference (2)

What software platforms does your institution use?

Note: The following results only capture survey data collected as of Dec. 3, 2018 and are not representative of the entire ORCID US landscape. Results have only been included for systems in use by more than one institution. For each platform listed, there is a brief status report regarding current ORCID functionality. Stay tuned for more in-depth documentation on each platform, coming soon to the ORCID US website. To contribute documentation, examples, and information about any of these systems (with regard to ORCID), please email

Repositories & ETD submission

  • DSpace (21 users) – Currently does not support ORCID out of the box (although there are plans for this in future versions), and ease of ORCID integration depends on what version is being used.
  • BePress/Digital Commons (10) – Currently does not support authenticated ORCID connections; contact your BePress representative to request ORCID functionality
  • Islandora (8) – ORCID is on the radar for inclusion in Islandora CLAW
  • ProQuest ETD submission (7) – Contains a field for manually entering ORCID iD, but currently does not support authenticated ORCID connections
  • Samvera (6) – ORCID can be integrated; see example from the University of Virginia Library’s LibraOpen IR integration
  • Dataverse (4) – Allows users to authenticate and log in with their ORCID iD; see  documentation
  • Vireo ETD submission (2) – Contains a field for ORCID iD; see  demo

Publishing/Content Management

  • DMP Tool (10 users) – Provides the ability for users to authenticate and connect their ORCID iD; see  documentation
  • Omeka (8) – Work is currently underway to include ORCID functionality in Omeka S; see  documentation
  • Open Journal System (OJS) (8) – There is an  ORCID plugin  for version 3, with enhanced functionality coming in 2019; see  demo
  • Drupal (4) – An  ORCID plugin  is available
  • WordPress (5) – Currently there is no support for ORCID in Wordpress
  • Open Monograph Press (OMP) (2) –  There is an  ORCID plugin  for version 3, with enhanced functionality coming in 2019 (see OJS)
  • Scalar (2) – Currently does not support ORCID

Current Research Information Systems

  • Digital Measures Activity Insight (9 users) –  Allows for ORCID authentication and import of publications from ORCID to Digital Measures; see  Digital Measures documentation
  • Pure (7) – Allows for ORCID authentication and export of publications from Pure to ORCID, also displays ORCID iD on Pure profile; see  demo . Version 5.13 adds ability to read works from researchers ORCID records and assert/write institutional affiliations and works to ORCID records.
  • VIVO (5) –  OpenVIVO allows users to authenticate and connect their ORCID iD, log in to VIVO using ORCID iD, and import data from ORCID to VIVO
  • SymplecticElements (5) – Allows for ORCID authentication and import of publications from ORCID into Elements (see  demo ), planning to include more functionality in 2019
  • Converis (2) – Allows for ORCID authentication and exporting publications from Converis to ORCID; see Converis documentation
  • Faculty 180 (2) – Allows for ORCID authentication and importing publications, employment, education, funding, and biography information from ORCID to Faculty 180; see  documentation

Human Resources Systems

  • PeopleSoft (14 users) –  It is possible to create a custom integration for PeopleSoft with ORCID, but ORCID functionality is not included out of the box; see  example from Boston College  (1:55-8:35)
  • Banner (4) – Currently does not support ORCID out of the box, status unknown
  • Workday (2) – Currently does not support ORCID out of the box, status unknown

Coming Soon in 2019

Looking to the year ahead, the ORCID US Community will see more webinars, ORCID integration demos, and community resources in 2019, including more technical documentation for integrating ORCID with various systems, and more guidance on doing ORCID education and outreach. We will likely start to have regular community calls around specific topics as well, such as the upcoming ORCID US Repositories community call on Dec. 13. Stay tuned to the ORCID US Community members discussion forum for more info, and contact with any questions. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!