Dear DSpace Community,

The DSpace Leadership Group, the DSpace Committers and LYRASIS are proud to announce that DSpace 7.0 Beta 3 is now available for download and testing.  

Beta 3 is the third scheduled Beta release provided for community feedback and to introduce the new features of the 7.0 platform. As a Beta release, we highly advise against running this version in production. Rather, we ask that you consider installing it in a test environment, try it out, and report back any issues or bugs you notice through GitHub (UI issuesBackend/API issues).

DSpace 7.0 Beta 3 is deployed for public testing on a dedicated demo site and it can be installed manually or via a Docker “quick install”.  Instructions are available at: Try out DSpace 7.

Included in Beta 3

  • Processes Admin UI (video) allows Administrators to run backend scripts/processes while monitoring their progress & completion.
  • Manage Account Profile allows logged in users to update their name, language or password.
  • New User Registration (video) and password reset to the Login screen.
  • Login As (Impersonate) another account allows Administrators to debug issues that a specific user is seeing, or do some work on behalf of that user.
  • Manage Authorization Policies of an Item allows Administrators to directly change/update the access policies of an Item, its Bundles or Bitstreams. 
  • Manage Item Templates of a Collection allows Administrators to create/manage template metadata that all new Items will start with when submitted to that Collection.
  • Administer Active Workflows (video) allows Administrators to see every submission that is currently in the workflow approval process. 
  • CC License step allows your users to select a Creative Commons License as part of their submission. 
  • Angular CLI compatibility was added to the User Interface. This allows developers to easily update the User Interface using standard Angular commandline tools.

Source: DSpace 7 Release Notes

Learn more

Videos are now available highlighting features in the new MyDSpace area of DSpace 7:

A number of recorded presentations and workshops are available through following links: 

Initial preparations and edits are being made to the official documentation for DSpace 7.

Coming soon

  • Beta 4: Beta release focusing on SEO enhancements, Theming enhancements, Solr-based Statistics views, improved GDPR alignment
  • Beta 5: Optional Beta release to address any bugs or issues found in previous Betas, or complete any incomplete features.
  • 7.0 Final Release: The final, production-ready release of 7.0 will be released as soon as all the above Betas have been completed and any outstanding major bugs have been resolved. Roughly estimated at 1-2 months after the last Beta.

More information and the latest changes can be found on DSpace 7 Release Goals.

Thanks to major code contributors!

The following organizations have been major code contributors to DSpace 7.




We gratefully recognize the following institutions who together have generously contributed financially to support the DSpace 7 staged release program, and individuals who devoted time to fundraising:

Cornell University
Pascal Becker
Dalhousie University
Duke University
ETH Zurich, ETH Library
Imperial College London
Indiana University–Purdue University, Indianapolis
National Library of Finland
Beate Rajski
Technische Universität Berlin
Technische Universität Hamburg
The DSpace-Konsortium Deutschland
The Library Code GmbH
The Ohio State University
Texas Digital Library
University of Arizona
University of Edinburgh
University of Kansas
University of Minnesota
University of Toronto