The VIVO Scholar Task Force is addressing one of the goals outlined in the Product Direction for 2019 document, “Modernize the Presentation Layer” by providing an updated interface that will be easy to implement and customize. Currently under development, VIVO Scholar will be deployed as a separate application that works with VIVO.  More information about VIVO Scholar can be found on the VIVO Scholar Task Force wiki pages.

The VIVO Scholar Task Force just finished Sprint 13 with these additions:

  • Added grants data to Research & Expertise
  • Added the Teaching & Mentoring tab, with courses data and Teaching Overview data (here’s a sample profile)
  • Road-tested the web components by asking the new Duke development intern, Kristi Turner, to make the above changes. Kristi is a fairly-new programmer with some web knowledge but had no problem making changes.
  • Simplified the GraphQL endpoint.  Try the endpoint with these sample GraphQL queries.
  • Watch a short demo video.

Do you have questions about VIVO Scholar? Or feedback about our communications? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact Julia Trimmer.