VIVO is an open-source, community-driven software for research information management, used my numerous universities to represent researchers and their works and contributions, making it a perfect platform for ORCID integration. Basic ORCID functionality can be enabled in VIVO as described below. There is also a video tutorial on how to integrate ORCID and VIVO, and the DuraSpace Wiki provides detailed information about VIVO and instructions for how to set up the ORCID integration

To integrate ORCID with VIVO, institutions can either use the Public ORCID API, or if your institution is an ORCID member, you can use the ORCID Member API. The Public API will allow users to confirm and connect their authenticated ORCID iD with your VIVO installation. The Member API allows for this as well, with the added feature of writing a user’s VIVO identifier to their ORCID record, which will in turn link back to their VIVO profile.

Public ORCID API credentials can be obtained by logging into your ORCID record and clicking on the Developer Tools tab. Member API credentials can be obtained by filling out the ORCID sandbox credential request form at Once your integration is ready for production, contact ORCID to schedule a production review.

If you are using the Public ORCID API, once you have your client ID and client secret, open the file for VIVO and enter your client ID and client secret password for ORCID. Then insert the URL for your local VIVO application and the name of your VIVO application. You will also add the version of ORCID that you are working with which should be 2.0 or higher. Finally, you will need to indicate that you using the sandbox, and whether you are using the public or the member API.

Once configured, a user can log into their VIVO profile and click on identity, to add and connect their ORCID iD. The user will see details about the steps they will need to go through to connect their ORCID iD. Users will be asked to log in to or register for their ORCID iD, and then will be asked to grant permission for the VIVO installation to get their ORCID iD. Once the user clicks authorize, their ORCID iD will appear in their VIVO record as confirmed.

If you want to use the Member API, you will need to configure VIVO accordingly with your client ID and client secret, and indicate that the member API is being used. Once configured, the user can connect their ORCID iD with VIVO to create a link between the two. The user can add their ORCID iD, which will allow them to not only add their ORCID iD to VIVO but also to link their VIVO profile to their ORCID record. This additional step will require the user to authorize the ability for VIVO to add/update other information on their ORCID record – in this case, the “other identifiers” section.

When the user clicks authorize, their ORCID iD will not only appear on their VIVO profile, but a link to their VIVO profile will appear on their ORCID iD record.

In addition to this functionality, it is also possible for ORCID member institutions to further configure VIVO to pull data in from ORCID to VIVO, and also to write data from VIVO to ORCID. Contact for more info.