We are excited to announce a new resource, exclusively available through LYRASIS, from our partner the University of Michigan Press (UMP), part of the University of Michigan Library. The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) is the first resource from UMP that will be available for libraries to purchase, and it is a unique model because it is a completely nonprofit initiative, from start to finish. The mission of the University of Michigan Press is to be a leader in the development of digital scholarship and to support the dissemination of knowledge as widely and freely as possible.LYRASIS partnered with UMP to help design a business plan, a nonprofit pricing structure and to provide a promotion and distribution channel to the wider LYRASIS membership and beyond. By working together, UMP and LYRASIS have created a first of its kind: a 100% nonprofit resource designed for sale to libraries with rich content and a library-friendly pricing structure.

The UMP EBC features extensive peer-reviewed, faculty-selected content in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, with particular strength in political science, performing arts, classics and archaeology, and American studies. Further, the Ebook Collection is hosted on the Fulcrum platform, a community-based, open source publishing platform originally created by the University of Michigan Press through a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. By using a community-designed publishing platform, the UMP EBC is even more embedded in the library and scholarly research community, and removes the layer of for-profit publishers and technologies completely.

This is a unique new approach for the field of academic libraries, and LYRASIS is proud to have played a part in making these vital resources readily available, accessible and affordable for all libraries. The UMP EBC is available in its entirely exclusively through LYRASIS at a library-friendly price. Email Member Services for more information, or visit our UMP EBC page to request a quote.