Google Scholar can be a helpful tool for finding publications on the web, and Google Scholar Profiles are used by academics and researchers who have published academic content online. Although Google Scholar uses algorithms to search and find authors’ work across the web, unfortunately Google Scholar has not yet integrated with the ORCID API (application programming interface), which would allow citations from Google Scholar to be included in the interoperable cross-system connections that ORCID provides. While an automated connection between Google Scholar and ORCID is not available, it is possible to export citations from Google Scholar to BibTex format and then import the BibTex citations into ORCID with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Google Scholar profile
  1. Once you are logged in, check the boxes next to each work citation that you want to import to your ORCID record.
  1. Click on “Export” and select “BibTex”:
  1. A web page will open displaying your citations in BibTex format. Copy the text on the web page:
  1. Open Notepad or a similar application on your computer where you can save a .txt file. Paste the BibTex that you copied from Google Scholar into Notepad and save the .txt file to your Desktop:
  1. Now, log in to your ORCID record at
  1. Once you are logged in to your ORCID record, scroll to the “Works” section, click on “Add Works” and select “Import BibTex”:
  1. A box will appear with information for “Import BibTex” including an option to “Choose File” – click on “Choose File”:
  1. Find the .txt file that you saved previously, and select it:
  1. The list of works will then appear in the “Import BibTex” area of your ORCID record. You can use the floppy disk icon to save each individual item to your ORCID works, or use the trashcan icon to remove each individual item. Or, you can select “Save all”:
  1. Once you have saved the desired citations to your ORCID record, you should see them appear as entries in the Works section of your ORCID record, for example:

Learn more about adding works to ORCID and other topics related to managing your ORCID record:

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