A Letter from Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS

Dear LYRASIS Members, 
Our team is safe and working from home. It is now time to help you, our members.

As all of our communities are working to respond to COVID-19, LYRASIS wants to help by offering our members the following services, free of charge: 

  • Want to use this time to upskill your team? We are opening LYRASIS Learning to members and non-member institutions alike for 30 days. Members will have access to all live AND recorded classes at no charge during this time. Non-member institutions will have access to our vast library of recorded classes. Email es@lyrasis.org to register your institution.
  • Need a virtual classroom or place to meet? Use our extra Zoom rooms as availability allows. Email es@lyrasis.org.
  • Have questions or need extra help during this time of crisis? We are offering complimentary access to our professional services and senior staff, from our CEO onward (including HR, Fiscal, Technology, Strategy, Vendor Negotiations, etc) with no limits for the duration of this crisis. Our leadership team and outward facing staff are available for 1:1 discussions as needed. Email Jocelyn Jones at jocelyn.jones@lyrasis.org for more information or to schedule a meeting. Our team is your team.

To maximize access for all members, we are happy to announce Office Hours with LYRASIS staff and teams, wherein you can collaborate in real time with our experts on the full range of challenges you may be facing – from HR questions to digital technologies and beyond. We will be announcing a complete list of office hours this week, kicking off with our Content and Scholarly Communications Team below.

Content and Scholarly Communications Team Office Hours

Drop in and join our team of experts to discuss issues of concern around access to online products, special requests to vendors, licensing terms of use questions and more.

March 18 – 20, 2-4 pm ET
March 23 – 27, 2-4 pm ET

We will stand with you. We will not falter. We will tackle any problem together.


Robert Miller
Chief Executive Officer, LYRASIS