LYRASIS and Project MUSE are excited to announce a special opportunity for LYRASIS members to participate in our successful Project MUSE Group EBA Program for a January – December term!

If the LYRASIS group participants collectively contribute at least $20,000 by the deadline, MUSE will open up access to all 33,000 EBA-eligible book titles to each participating library. Libraries will access the books for 12 months, and then select the titles for which they want continuing access at the end of that time. Usage data will be available to help a library select the titles for continuing access. By working as a LYRASIS group, participating libraries will have access to a much larger number of book titles for a much lower cost than they would by acting alone. 

Offer Summary


  • The Project MUSE book collections are particularly strong in the humanities and social sciences disciplines.
  • A sampling of books is available for free browsing to assist libraries in evaluating the functionality of books on Project MUSE. Find the free sample books here.
  • Publishers select books eligible for single title sale on MUSE and may change this option at any time.
  • Over 33,000 titles, around 70% of all titles at MUSE, are eligible for EBA.
  • An “updated-to-the-minute” Book Holdings list that indicates whether a book is available for single title sale and EBA (Column K = Yes) is available for download at


  • Once access to content is enabled, each participating library will be provided with a link to a management page that includes MARC records download and usage statistics.
  • Usage statistics will be provided on request for each participating library’s review and evaluation.


  • At the end of the program, libraries select the titles they wish to acquire. The number of titles a library is allowed to select is based on the amount contributed at the beginning of the program.
  • Each library will have continuing access to all the titles it selects.
  • If the $20,000 threshold is not met by the deadline, the program will still continue, however only a portion of the EBA-eligible titles as determined by the group will be opened up for access. 

Funding Commitment

LYRASIS total group funding commitment goal: $20,000

The number of titles a library is allowed to select for continuing access at the end of the pilot is based on the amount contributed.

Contributions will be tiered based on the Project MUSE Tier System

  • Tier 1: Minimum $1,000 contribution (Associates Institutions)
  • Tier 2: Minimum $2,000 contribution (Baccalaureate General and Baccalaureate/Associates Institutions)
  • Tier 3: Please inquire* (Baccalaureate Liberal Arts and Masters II Institutions)
  • Tier 4: Please inquire** (Masters I and Doctoral Research Intensive Institutions)
  • Tier 5: Not eligible for this group program*** (Doctoral Research Extensive Institutions)

*Tier 3 institutions’ minimum contribution level will be based on past MUSE journal usage.

**Not all Tier 4 institutions will be eligible to participate in the group EBA program due to larger levels of expected usage.

***Tier 5 institutions are ineligible to participate in the group EBA program due to large levels of expected usage

Individual EBA Programs are available

If your institution is not eligible for this group EBA program or you prefer to participate individually, Project MUSE is more than happy to work with you to design an EBA program that meets your institution’s needs. Please contact or your regional member representative for more information.

Important Dates

  • Deadline to commit to participate: November 3, 2017
  • Payment due by: December 31, 2017
  • Term of program: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018

How to Express Interest

If your institution would like to participate in this program, please complete the Project MUSE EBA LYRASIS Build-A-Group Survey.

And as always, if you have any additional questions please contact or your regional member representative.