May 16, 2017, Atlanta, GA – LYRASIS is pleased to announce a new partnership with Digital Transitions a provider of high-end camera systems for cultural heritage institutions, with a variety of hardware and software solutions designed specifically for libraries, archives, museums and other collections-holding institutions.
As a membership organization with more than a decade of leadership in digital preservation services, including the Digitization Collaborative, training and more, LYRASIS identified the need for reliable and high quality scanning and digitization equipment as a priority for archives, libraries and museums. With increasing demand for digital preservation and sustainable access to collections, proper equipment and software are key tools for providing the services libraries, archives and museums need.
Digital Transition’s products include cameras, platforms, and imaging software that feature accurate, high resolution digital representations of physical objects, documents, books and more, as well as white glove setup and delivery and highly regarded customer service.
Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS, says of the new partnership, “We’re excited to add digitization equipment to our suite of digital and preservation services. LYRASIS has long been a partner for digital preservation needs, and we think Digital Transitions will be a great option for many of our library, archive and museum members.”