The New Route to Academic Research

Have you heard the news? LexisNexis launched Nexis Uni, the first student-designed and aligned academic research solution, to help digital natives conduct reliable research on a collaborative, intuitive platform.

See what the buzz is about! Register for your Nexis Uni trial ID by filling out this form and be on the lookout for your trial ID within 7 business days. There’s no charge to get access, and LexisNexis is eager for your feedback!

Nexis Uni could not have come at a better time, especially in light of fake news headlines that are sweeping the internet. Read more here …

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Product Pointers

Tips to maximize your Nexis Uni experience

Before you log on to Nexis Uni for the first time, check out this tip sheet for various ways to customize your Nexis Uni experience. Those who primarily search news content will want to adjust their settings so that news is displayed first in their search results.

Want more tips? Check out this list of the must-try Nexis Uni features, and register for a training session today!