Need Newspaper Scanning?Save through LYRASIS and Digital Solutions

At LYRASIS, we know that many of you face high demand for digitizing newspapers, so we have arranged a special offer with Digital Solutions. LYRASIS members get a 10% discount on scanning and digitization through Digital Solutions. This is a great chance to digitize those newspaper collections and ensure that your unique content is accessible into the future.

  • Newspaper digitization on Digital Solutions’ new Digital Transitions FADGI compliant BC-100 scanner
  • Additional 10% discount on all newspaper digitization projects, for a total 20% discount off list price
  • Free hard drive for all scanning orders over $1,500.00 (not just newspaper scanning)
  • To be eligible for either of these offers, all materials must be at the scanning facility by March 31st, 2017

Reach out to Hannah Rosen or Member Services for more information.

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