ATLANTA, GA – October 16, 2018 – The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation recently awarded LYRASIS a $1,200,000 award to support the next stage of community growth and technical development of CollectionSpace. CollectionSpace is the only collections management system led by a nonprofit and designed with input from the community. It offers forward looking features that include mobile-friendly displays, an open application program interface (API), and a multitude of custom profiles for museums and other institutions that hold art, artifact, object, and specimen collections of all types and sizes. This new 3-year award will fund three key areas to further the CollectionSpace build-out: user community expansion, accelerating progress on the technical roadmap and the addition of staff to ensure continued high levels of service.

Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS, says of the award, “LYRASIS is excited to continue working with leading museums to build and strengthen the CollectionSpace community. CollectionSpace is a dynamic platform, offering a nimble and robust set of tools for staff, ultimately supporting a better visitor experience. We are grateful to have a partner like The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which recognizes the importance of community supported solutions like CollectionSpace.”

“As early users of CollectionSpace, we see the value in how our staff, researchers and general users will be able to engage more deeply with our collections. This grant funding will ensure that the next generation of features we envisioned will be incorporated for the benefit of our global community of users,” says Ann Whiteside, Librarian and Assistant Dean for Information Services at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Chair of the CollectionSpace Leadership Working Group.