It Takes a Village: Open Source Software Sustainability A Deeper Look at the Facets of OSS Sustainability

Are you working with, developing or hoping to participate in an open source program? Why do some programs seem more successful than others? Why do some live on grants while some achieve community sustainability? What can we learn from other programs? In 2017, IMLS funded LYRASIS to assess how open source software programs serving cultural and scientific heritage organizations attain long-term sustainability. This series is based on the resulting work: It Takes a Village: Open Source Software Sustainability – Guidebook for Programs Serving Cultural and Scientific Heritage.

This series of classes enables participants to dig into the various facets of sustainability including Governance, Community Engagement, Technology and Resources. Each webinar will focus on one of the four facets developed in the ITAV OSS Guidebook and provide opportunity for discussion with speakers and other participations.

​The main instructors are the It Takes a Village: OSS Sustainability Project Co-Directors:

  • Laurie Gemmill Arp, Director, Collections Services and Community Supported Software and Megan Forbes, CollectionSpace Program Manager

We are very pleased to feature case studies from: 

  • Michael Winkler, OLE Managing Director
  • Christine Di Bella, ArchivesSpace Program Manager
  • David Wilcox, Fedora Product Manager
  • James Beach, Specify Software Consortium, University of Kansas

It Takes a Village Classes