The 2020 Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop! will take place August 6 and 7 in San Diego.  

This workshop is a great opportunity for potential Hyrax or Hyku adopters, new users, folks new to the Samvera community, and anyone in the community who would benefit from a dedicated session learning more about Hyrax and Hyku. Although it is not developer-focused, it would also provide developers with an opportunity to understand the applications more deeply from a user perspective.

The workshop will cover:

  • a guided hands-on exploration of the software
  • conversations about various implementations in development and the features that might benefit different use cases
  • presentations about the Samvera community, agile development practices, and the Hyrax and Hyku roadmaps
  • plenty of Q/A time for users and developers

A link to more information including the full agenda and ticket information is here: Notch8 Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop 2020.