Introducing you to DuraSpace, the home of DSpace, Fedora, VIVO, DuraCloud, DSpaceDirect, ArchivesDirect and DuraCloud Vault

By now you have heard the news that the LYRASIS and DuraSpace Boards have voted unanimously in favor of an “intent to merge” the two organizations. We believe the combined organization will be stronger and in a better position to advance a combined mission in support of our global communities.

The nuts and bolts of moving the merger forward are underway and include a collaborative exploratory phase aimed at gathering member feedback, completing financial due diligence and discussions around combining the memberships of each organization. ‘Frequently Asked Questions About the Intent to Merge” may be found here. Learn more at a one-hour, live “Town Hall” session hosted by Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS and Debra Hanken Kurtz, CEO of DuraSpace on Wednesday, March 9 at 4:00 PM ET. Advance registration is available here.

But that’s just part of the picture.

We want to help you get up close and personal with DuraSpace, a collaborator and partner in global academic, scientific, cultural, and technology initiatives. We support open source projects and create services to help ensure that current and future generations will have access to our shared digital heritage. By exploring the following openly accessible community resources we hope you will begin to see the whole picture of how and why DuraSpace is committed to our shared digital future, and why joining our efforts with LYRASIS will provide more and better opportunities to serve our combined communities. We invite you to explore the following resources, and ask lots of questions!


DuraSpace publishes four public newsletters and one strategic newsletter for DuraSpace members. You many subscribe to any of the following:

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Join a community open source software product email list to learn about what the community is discussing, ask questions, get answers from fellow list members and share your insights. These lists are focused on community members helping other community members get started using software, tackle individual implementation challenges and share information:

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DuraSpace hosts 3-part “Hot Topics” webinar series on subjects of interest to digital preservation and access communities. Each series is curated by community experts in a particular topic area.

The current series entitled, “VIVO plus SHARE: Closing the Loop on Tracking Scholarly Activity” takes a look at how the effort to link VIVO and SHARE together will bring us closer to a wider picture of today’s scholarship. The next webinar in the series, “Institutional Perspectives on the Impact of SHARE and VIVO Together” will take place on March 11, 2016, at 1:00 PM EST. Free registration is available here.


An archive of previous Hot Topics webinar series recordings and slides may be found here:


The DuraSpace YouTube channel includes training and information for DSpace, Fedora, DuraCloud and DSpaceDirect users:

The DuraSpace Quickbytes YouTube channel, “no more than you can chew in a three-minute broadcast focused on current topics of interest” features 3-minute videos about DuraSpace open source software, hosted services, community inititatives and programs::


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