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LYRASIS and CollectionSpace are very pleased to announce the “Community Collections Spotlight” – a series of webinars highlighting the way organizations are using open source software to evolve collections management practices, improve visitor experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and adhere to standards and best practices to increase financial and operational support for collections activities.

You can read more about these free webinars and register at the links below.

Community Collections Spotlight – Using CollectionSpace and Mukurtu to support and share NAGPRA-eligible collections

This webinar will feature OHC’s work in cataloging and providing tribal access to NAGPRA-eligible collections. In 2018, OHC received a two-year grant to migrate NAGPRA catalog records, previously housed in a homegrown Access database, into CollectionSpace and to provide federally-recognized tribes with access to the records in order to facilitate consultation and repatriation efforts. OHC worked with LYRASIS to build out fields in order to support catalog records for human remains and associated funerary objects. They selected Mukurtu as the interface for sharing records, and worked with LYRASIS to map and build a report to export records from CSpace into Mukurtu. Jessi Weithman, the Museum and Library Catalog Manager at the Ohio History Connection (OHC) will share an overview of OHC’s project. This session is part of the Community Collections Spotlight Series. 

Speaker: Jessi Weithman, Ohio History Connection (OHC)

Date & Time: Sept 30, 2020 at 1 pm eastern – 2:30 pm eastern

Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring the Public Art Archive (Webinar 1)

This webinar will feature the Public Art Archive CMS, a collections management system built specifically for the public art field, developed in partnership with CollectionSpace and the Public Art Archive (PAA), a project sponsored by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) and dedicated to providing technology tools and resources to the public art field. As of early 2019, WESTAF has deployed the collections management system to eight programs across the United States, all of whom are using the system to manage publicly-funded art collection workflows, from commissioning to conservation. The first installment of this webinar will feature the collections management tool and its utilization of the CollectionSpace architecture to build a workflow suited specifically for the management of public art.

Speaker: Lori Goldstein, WESTAF

Date & Time: Sept. 19, 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST 

Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring CollectionSpace on Campus at the University of California, Berkeley

This webinar will feature speakers discussing the myriad ways CollectionSpace is used at the museums and specimen collections of the University of California, Berkeley. The speakers will talk about the common needs and benefits that brought the museums together, the way the campus governance council has facilitated the process, and the new enhancements that the Berkeley team has created and contributed back to benefit the larger CollectionSpace community.

Speakers: Chris Hoffman and Rick Jaffe, University of California, Berkeley

Date & Time: Oct 16, 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST 

Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring the Public Art Archive (Webinar 2 for PAA)

As a follow-up to the first webinar in the series, a second presentation will highlight how system users are able to publish objects in their databases to the publicly searchable Public Art Archive, an online and mobile database of public art. The Public Art Archive utilizes the Public Art Archive CMS to aggregate data throughout the world for the purpose of making information, locations, and images searchable on the Archive’s website. To accomplish this, the Public Art Archive team has harnessed the potential of the CollectionSpace architecture to present the data in ways that provide sustainable engagement for artists, public art collections, the educators, and the general public. 

Speaker: Lori Goldstein, WESTAF

Date & Time: Nov. 7, 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST 

Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring CollectionSpace Collaborations – Material Order Consortium

The Material Order Consortium is a collaboration among the libraries of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Parsons School of Design. Each of these schools manages a collection of “design materials” – materials used by architects, designers, and artists in their work. The core goal of the consortium is to provide a community and standards-based approach to describing and managing materials collections. 

This webinar will feature speakers from the consortium,  and its engagement with CollectionSpace. The speakers will talk about the common needs and benefits that brought the different design materials-holding institutions together, and how they worked together to: create a shared controlled vocabulary for materials; define the standard for describing design materials and create a CollectionSpace profile to support that standard; and fund a shared public collections browser.

Speakers: Johanna Kasubowski & Ann Baird Whiteside, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Margot Nishimura & Mark Pompelia, Rhode Island School of Design

Date & Time: Dec. 4, 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST