Originally posted at arks.org

We are thrilled to introduce the ARK Alliance as heir to the successful ARKs-in-the-Open initiative, which began in 2018 with the goal of launching an open, global community around Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) and their use as persistent identifiers in the scholarly ecosystem. And just this week the 700th ARK-assigning organization was registered!

We invite you to visit us at arks.org which is our new website. It hosts a blog that feeds a newsletter, including this post in its first issue. Our new twitter handle is @arks_org, which replaces the @ARKsInTheOpen handle while retaining its followers and “following” lists.

To make things easier to find, ARK information hosted at the old website wiki (arksintheopen.org) will soon finish moving over to the new arks.orgsite. That applies as well to ARK information hosted at N2T.net, which will otherwise carry on undisturbed in its role as a global ARK resolver. 

As an exception, the working group collaborative materials will still be hosted on the wiki. Meanwhile the ARKs forum email lists are unchanged and we are very happy to continue to have support from the California Digital Library, LYRASIS, and many others. Special thanks to Tracy Seneca, Peter Collopy, and Julien Raemy for their help in this transition.

The ARK Alliance welcomes participation, which can take many forms. Please visit the community page to learn about ways to become involved.