CLIR Hidden Collections Grants

February 18, 2015By Lindsay CronkLyrasis

In January 2015, CLIR (the Council of Library and Information Resources) launched Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Enabling New Scholarship through Increasing Access to Unique Materials. This national contest funds local digitization projects which contribute to the national good and conversation. It supports the creation of digital representations of unique content of high scholarly … Read More

5 Reasons to Get Excited for LYRASIS eGathering 2015

February 11, 2015By Lindsay CronkLyrasis

I know! I’m stealing format from Buzzfeed, but I don’t think you’ll mind. As Membership Coordinator at LYRASIS, one of my favorite parts of my job is putting together eGathering, our Annual Membership Meeting. I am genuinely excited about this year’s, and you should be too, for these five reasons and so many others. 1. … Read More

Recommended Podcast

January 15, 2015By Lindsay CronkLyrasis

Relax, LYRASIS Members, I am not going to be the thousandth of your acquaintances to suggest you listen to Serial. Instead, I’m going to hop on another bandwagon and say that you should give a listen to Amanda L. Goodman and Michael Schofield’s exemplary LibUX. Yes, librarians, it’s a podcast about user experience and web … Read More