LYRASIS, a 501 c 3 non-profit, is proud to serve as the organizational home for two innovative and vital open source software communities – ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace. As the Organizational Home, LYRASIS provides many resources and services to help grow, support and amplify the community contributions. These include staff, technology, financial services and logistics support.

An Organizational Home allows the community to stay nimble, participative and collaborative, yet also remain responsive. This partnership allows the ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace communities to focus on program priorities, free from the burden of building infrastructure which is critical to long term success and sustainability.  Together with the community, LYRASIS has been able to increase membership, improve community participation in governance, improve the software’s usability, and create partnerships with key organizations and members.

What does LYRASIS Provide as Organizational Home to ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace?

  1. Stability by partnering with an established non-profit, the community reduces its risk.    
  2. Backoffice support through strong fiscal and administrative infrastructure including financial management, human resources and communications allows the community to focus on what it does best.
  3. Increased voice and reach to the broad membership base and reach of LYRASIS – adding 4,000+ members and users to the community  
  4. Collaborative support from the LYRASIS Digital Technology Services group, which makes code contributions to the software, provides hosting and technology services to the community and offers end-to-end solutions to increase the adoption of the software.     
  5.  Grant assistance and exposure to new grant opportunities through the LYRASIS Grants and Strategic Partnerships program and the LYRASIS Leaders Circle (attach link)              

In an effort to support community awareness for both LYRASIS and these open source programs, you’ll see a new co-branding mark for ArchivesSpace and LYRASIS in the weeks to come. This combined logo will help underscore the connection between LYRASIS and ArchivesSpace and will raise the profile of the open source programs among the wide community of LYRASIS membership.

If you have questions about these programs or about the role of LYRASIS in serving ArchivesSpace and CollectionSpace, reach out to Laurie Arp