Welcome to LYRASIS: Membership Overview

It is our pleasure to welcome DuraSpace members to the LYRASIS Community! Now that we are a merged organization with DuraSpace and have renewed your membership commitment to DuraSpace project(s), DuraDSpace institutions will have a free year of LYRASIS membership benefits as a Leaders Circle participant. This free year of access to the various LYRASIS services and programs will run through June 30, 2020. This welcome letter provides an overview of benefits and advantages that your institution will now enjoy. We will stay in touch throughout the year to assure you are maximizing your new benefits, so that you may see the impact a LYRASIS membership has throughout your organization – from E-Resources to Special Collections.

The Leaders Circle is an exclusive level of membership in LYRASIS that is based on a network of cultural heritage leaders and up and coming leaders to come together to network, discover alliances and weigh in on future institutional and market positioning for LYRASIS. The Leaders Circle was introduced in 2016 and is intended to be exclusive and be capped to represent approximately 10% of the total LYRASIS Membership. Leaders Circle conversations and projects have impacts on LYRASIS strategies, development of new services and help to construct themes for the Annual Member Summit. Leaders Circle representatives are responsible for voting and selecting each year’s Catalyst Fund applications, funded through LYRASIS R&D program. Each institution receives 2 representation seats and we will be in touch for your recommended institutional representation.

Leader Circle members convene each year for the Leaders Circle Breakfast for a working meeting on strategic vision and planning. This year’s meeting will be on October 3, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT at the Big 10 Center. The Member Summit will follow. 

Welcome Webinars 

Join us for a welcome to LYRASIS webinar to hear about the community and benefits of membership. Click on the preferred date to register. 


LYRASIS is a 501 c 3 non-profit membership organization created to support enduring access to the world’s shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions and collaboration with archives, libraries and museums worldwide. LYRASIS organizational and staff values are communication, respect, collaboration, impact, and service.

With an organizational history dating to 1936, LYRASIS is the largest membership organization in the United States and has membership of over 1,000 academic and public libraries, museums, archives and other cultural organizations. Now that we’ve welcomed our DuraSpace colleagues, we are a staff of over 65 experts and professionals based all over the United States and Canada.  

The June 2019 merger with DuraSpace is complete. This deepens the LYRASIS commitment to be a leader, as well as active participant in the open source technologies conversations, expansion and future direction. LYRASIS is committed to be the non-profit open source technology partner to all different types of cultural heritage organizations, including libraries, archives and museums with the goal of establishing a member community with access to open technology solutions and services as well as other exclusive and unique benefits that impact the your institution in all areas of service to your own communities.