It’s that time of year again! Flowers blooming, birds chirping, and many of your LYRASIS eResource renewal quotes are ready for approval.

To help our members through the Approval Process, the Member Services Team has prepared a quick guide to ensure an easy experience.

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The Member Services Team has prepared some Quick Tips to help prepare you for the upcoming renewal season.

Any Staff Changes?

To ensure that we send renewal notices and invoices to the correct person, please let us know if there have been any staffing changes at your organization:

  • Sign into My LYRASIS to view a current list of your organization’s staff. This information can be found under Manage Member Information.
  • Or email us with your updates to Member Support or call 800.999.8558.

Do you have a My LYRASIS Account?

My LYRASIS is our online self service tool, which allows you to view and approve available renewal quotes. If you do not have a My LYRASIS Account, please complete the request form online here. You can also email us at Member Support or call 800.999.8558.

Note: The Primary Order Contact can view or approve quotes in My LYRASIS. If you should be assigned as the Primary Order Contact, please email Member Support or call 800.999.8558[/zilla_toggle][zilla_toggle title=”How can I view and approve my renewal quote(s)?” state=”closed”]My LYRASIS is our online selfservice tool, which allows you to view and manage your eResource renewals.

  • Please click here to visit the LYRASIS website.
  • Click on My LYRASIS from the homepage.

Note: If you have trouble logging in, please email Member Support or call us at 800.999.8558.

Once you have successfully logged into My LYRASIS, please follow these steps to approve your renewal(s):

Step 1. Locate the available quote under Manage Quotes and click the quote name to view it.

Step 2. Select Click for Quote Details to review product information, subscription terms and other quote details.

Step 3. Select a Billing Contact. If the Billing Contact is not found in the drop down list, contact Member Support and we will be happy to assist.

Step 4. Select a Billing Account, either 00( Open Item) or 60( Deposit Account)

Step 5. Enter a PO number if applicable.

Wait! Do you need an invoice before July 1? Do you need to change part of the renewal quote (e.g. subterm, user level?)

If so, do not continue in My LYRASIS; please contact Member Support instead with your changes.

Step 6. If no changes are needed, click Approve and an invoice will be issued by email on or after July 1.

Step 7. If you wish to cancel a subscription, select Decline. (You will continue to receive access through the end of the current subscription term.)

You can contact Member Support at any point in the process with questions or for some extra help. [/zilla_toggle][zilla_toggle title=”Who can view or approve renewal quotes from my organization?” state=”closed”]The Primary Order Contact is the person from your organization who can view or approve a renewal quote in My LYRASIS.

  • To view your Primary Order Contact, signin to My LYRASIS, and you will find the name of the Primary Order Contact under Manage Member Information. To change the existing Primary Order Contact, please email your request to Member Support or call 800.999.8558. [/zilla_toggle]

[zilla_toggle title=”Who can I contact if I have questions or changes?” state=”closed”]Member Services is here to help. Click here for a list of Member Services Support staff or feel free to email us at Member Support or call us at 800.999.8558. [/zilla_toggle]