As we reported earlier in the year, our partner Reveal Digital has begun to collect and make accessible collections documenting the Ku Klux Klan in the United States from the 1920’s and beyond. The project is called Hate in America and includes important Klan publications, as well as one notable anti-Klan publication, in a fully searchable open access database.  Reveal Digital undertook this project as a way to understand our history fully, including some of the most troubling episodes from our past.

Last week, the project made the news when published a quiz about KKK newspaper headlines, using the Reveal Digital project as its source. At LYRASIS, we’re proud to see such a valued partner’s resources contribute to a national dialogue and it’s wonderful to see these collections at work in the wider world.

LYRASIS is the North American administrative agent for this project. For more information and tiered contribution levels, please see the Reveal Digital page on the LYRASIS website.