amlibuxRelax, LYRASIS Members, I am not going to be the thousandth of your acquaintances to suggest you listen to Serial.

Instead, I’m going to hop on another bandwagon and say that you should give a listen to Amanda L. Goodman and Michael Schofield’s exemplary LibUX. Yes, librarians, it’s a podcast about user experience and web design specifically for your workplace. I am as thrilled as you are!

Amanda and Michael are librarians (User Experience and Web Services respectively) who discuss best practices in tidy half hour chunks. They are, by their own admission, very WordPress and Drupal centric. But in all likelihood, so are you. Have you ever had content management questions? Felt like you were taking the incorrect approach to linking or site organization? This podcast is a resource that will help you think about your design questions in new ways. It will also inevitably make you feel less alone- everyone is struggling to move towards a more user-focused design.

Perhaps most helpfully, they’ll direct you to useful design posts, which will provide you with the expert backup you need to instigate that redesign your library badly needs and your patrons definitely deserve.

To paraphrase Mother Jones, “Subscribe to LibUX and educate yourself for the coming conflicts.”

What’s your favorite podcast, LYRASIS members? When I’m not trying to absorb the wisdom of LibUX, I like to settle in with the comedy interview podcast, Lady to Lady. I’d love to hear what you’re listening to.