Candidates for Academic and/or Research Library Representative (Elect 2)

Celeste FeatherIvan Gaetz, Library Director at Colorado College

“For the past fifteen years a driving force of my professional life pertains to library collaboration. Leading a team of librarians at Regis University and now at Colorado College, and understanding the challenges of the 21st century library, reveals how deeply library services and resources depend on collaboration at various levels and in various expressions. The mission, vision and values of LYRASIS set forth in its Strategic Plan of November 2014 strongly resonate with my own values and commitments.” Click here to read more about Ivan Gaetz.

Celeste FeatherDavid Lewis, Dean of the University Library at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

“One of the things we know about the digital world is that scale matters. Most often the best solutions are those that occur in collaborations between multiple organizations where ideas, digital resources, software, and leverage with vendors can come into play. LYRASIS is one of the few organizations in the U.S. concerned with libraries and cultural heritage organizations that can operate at the required scale. Because it is in this position LYRASIS has a unique and critical role to play.” Click here to read more about David Lewis.

Celeste FeatherJoe Lucia, Dean of Libraries at Temple University (PA)

“I am eager to jump back into the game and offer whatever I can of insight and expertise (now from the perspective of an ARL Dean) to help LYRASIS continue to grow, but more importantly to make LYRASIS a powerful and effective partner and critical resource provider for the future success and vitality of libraries of all types and sizes. I believe that the opportunities of the moment in support of broad public initiatives such as the Digital Public Library of America and in collaborative engagement with the key technical needs of cultural memory organizations make LYRASIS a major strategic ally for libraries, archives and museums in the decade ahead.” Click here to read more about Joe Lucia.

Celeste FeatherKathy Ray, Dean, University Libraries and Teaching & Learning Technologies at University of Nevada, Reno

“Working with professionals from a variety of educational institutions in the Middle East and Europe, I had the opportunity to help build consortia that connected professionals and industry partners and allowed librarians to leverage their talents and expertise across a wide network. Our globalized world requires that we reframe and reimagine the library and its networks. I believe LYRASIS is already taking lead role in this endeavor. I look forward to joining with the membership in finding creative solutions to our most intractable challenges.”Click here to read more about Kathy Ray.

Public Library Representative (Elect 1)

Celeste FeatherGina Millsap, Chief Executive Officer at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (KS)

“LYRASIS is at a pivotal point in its future. It has successfully structured a new business model precipitated by the loss of OCLC revenues that challenged other library nonprofit networks. It now must establish itself as the preferred service provider for libraries. It is a market leader in the eastern part of the U.S. and the scale on which it operates gives it a distinct competitive edge. There are significant opportunities for growth in the Midwest and the West and in the public library sector.” Click here to read more about Gina Millsap.

State Library Representative or Group Member Representative (Elect 1):

Celeste FeatherJo Budler, State Librarian, State Library of Kansas

“The goals of the State Library of Kansas are very much aligned with the goals of LYRASIS, specifically: building partnerships (with libraries, other agencies and community organizations) and expanding access to content and technologies. Directors of small and rural libraries in Kansas understand that they must collaborate and build on one another’s strengths in order to be successful and offer the best library services possible to their residents.” Click here to read more about Jo Budler.