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Starting in the Spring of 2024, Lyrasis partnered with Open Syllabus to offer Lyrasis members and non-members the opportunity to subscribe to the Open Syllabus Analytics subscription resource supporting open infrastructure in higher education.

Analytics is a tool for exploring millions of anonymized syllabi and other curricular materials drawn from thousands of colleges and universities around the world. Analytics helps instructors design classes, students explore fields, publishers develop books, and educators at all levels better understand the curriculum of higher education. It is a window onto higher education as a global project built from millions of decisions about what and how to teach.

Open Syllabus Analytics is split into Free, Trial and Subscription versions. The Free version is free to use but caps data at 2019, doesn’t show syllabi and blocks advanced features. The Trial version requires a sign up and provides free access to the Subscription version for 30 days.  There is also an institutional trial available upon request. The Subscription version is for schools, publishers and other educational providers. It provides access to current data, syllabus views, learning outcome views and more ways to discover and analyze the trends shaping higher education. Major use cases of Open Syllabus Analytics include:

  • Exploring book and article adoption across fields and within schools.
  • Helping faculty take credit for work with teaching applications.
  • Exploring patterns of adoption of Open Access and OER materials at school and state levels.
  • Identifying and comparing trends in teaching and program design.
  • Identifying publishing gaps and opportunities.
  • Mapping learning outcomes within and across programs.

The Open Syllabus dataset includes:

  • 21 million syllabi — including 9.1M from the US, 2.1M from the UK, and 1.8M from Australia.
  • 7400 schools — including 680 with more than 5000 syllabi.
  • 3.8 million titles.
  • 65 million assignments.
  • 26 million learning outcomes.
  • Bi-annual updates.
  • Syllabus coverage extending back to the 1990s.

Analytics does not require that subscribing schools contribute syllabi to the archive, but it becomes a more powerful tool for schools that do.  Participation in the archive is free.  Terms of participation can be discussed separately at any time with Open Syllabus staff.

This new resource offer comes with exclusive member and non-member discounts for subscribing via Lyrasis. These new subscription offers are valid through December 31, 2024. Discounts for Lyrasis members begin at 25% off list price and at 15% off list price for non-members. A central license has been negotiated by Lyrasis for subscription to this resource and trials are available.

For more information, you can watch the recording of the March 13 Open Syllabus Analytics informational webinar. You can also reach out to Member Services at or Christy Urquieta Cortes at for any additional questions.

About Open Syllabus

Open Syllabus is a massive nonprofit archive of the main activity of higher education: teaching. It provides top-down views of the curriculum across thousands of schools to support curricular innovation, lifelong learning and student success. Open Syllabus works to expand the boundaries of open education. Most of its tools are free to use.

About Lyrasis

Lyrasis is a community-supported membership organization whose mission is to support enduring access to the world’s shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions and collaboration with archives, libraries, museums and knowledge communities worldwide.