LYRASIS and DSpace are excited to announce that the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS), selected DSpace in their third round of pledging. SCOSS, established in 2017, is a network of influential organizations committed to helping secure Open Access and Open Source infrastructure well into the future by identifying non-commercial services essential to Open Science and making qualified recommendations on which of these services should be considered for funding support. On an annual basis, SCOSS calls on the Open Science community to financially support, for a period of three years, recommended infrastructure deemed important by SCOSS.

As of September 2021, SCOSS has successfully completed two pledging rounds and recently announced it’s third round and is actively promoting funding for 3 Open Source programs:

We are thrilled SCOSS understands the importance of DSpace and its global community’s efforts to support and further develop and sustain DSpace. Please take a moment to view the DSpace pitch.

  • SCOSS funding target for DSpace: Operational funding for 2 years: €663,074/ $763,473
  • If you are interested in pledging to DSpace, download the SCOSS DSpace flyer, which includes details about the suggested funding structure.
  • Ready to pledge? Contact: Kristi Park at