The growing SimplyE community is currently working with State Libraries, Consortia, and individual public libraries to ensure that there is a production-ready baseline of Ebook access to provide a rich eLending experience for large numbers of public library patrons using SimplyE.  

The SimplyE patron experience occurs through the user app, available for iPhone and Android. From there users have 3 click access to local library offerings along with content from multiple licensed and open eContent sources, such as Overdrive, Bibliotheca, RBDigital, DPLA Exchange, Open Bookshelf, and more. To that end, LYRASIS has enhanced its offering with a Virtual Library Card application that will allow states to issue library cards to state residents or patrons patrons of a library not running an Integrated Library System. This novel application removes the need to put patrons confidential information in the hands of commercial vendors and retains that trust with the library and individual user.

The goal of Library Simplified is to ensure that our shared heritage of rich, curated and collected digital resources from multiple sources and perspectives is widely available and accessible. This year in partnership with State Libraries and Consortia the SimplyE community is excited about putting the SimplyE app in as many public library patrons’ hands as possible.