Collaborative ORCID Adoption at Florida State University

January 13, 2020By LYRASISORCID US

Florida State University (FSU) became a member of the ORCID US Community in spring of 2018 to help their researchers gain credit for their works and contributions, leverage the ORCID API for system interoperability, and get a better idea of institutional impact through more efficient reporting on grants and publications. Tiffany Phillips, IT support specialist … Read More

ORCID US Community Newsletter – December 2019

December 4, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

The ORCID US Community continues to grow as we wrap up our second calendar year. This is our third newsletter, featuring updates from across the community over the past 6 months. Past newsletters can be found in the ORCID US Community Blog. To contribute to future newsletters, please email  Community Snapshot  Member institutions = … Read More

Finding ORCID Holders at Your Institution

November 14, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

One of the most frequently asked questions from ORCID US Community institution representatives is: “How can I find out who at my institution has an ORCID iD?” This can be a tricky question for three primary reasons:  ORCID iDs are controlled by the individual, not by an institution Individuals tend to move from one institution … Read More

VIVO: Enabling ORCID iD Authentication

September 19, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

VIVO is an open-source, community-driven software for research information management, used my numerous universities to represent researchers and their works and contributions, making it a perfect platform for ORCID integration. Basic ORCID functionality can be enabled in VIVO as described below. There is also a video tutorial on how to integrate ORCID and VIVO, and … Read More

Unlocking Library Services with ORCID at North Carolina State University

September 6, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

ORCID US Community member North Carolina State University (NC State) has implemented an ORCID integration with the NC State University Libraries’ Citation Index, a custom system for recording publications by NC State faculty. While the Libraries have been harvesting faculty citations for over 10 years by manually searching in Web of Science and using a … Read More

ORCID for Learners at UT Southwestern Medical Center


The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern) became an ORCID member in the spring of 2018 in response to a prominent internal question: How can UT Southwestern become listed as a trusted institution on their affiliated researchers’ ORCID records? In an effort to streamline reporting and get a better idea of institutional impact, … Read More

ORCID US Community Newsletter – June 2019


The ORCID US Community has made a lot of progress in the last year since this group was formed. This is our second newsletter, featuring updates from across the community over the last several months. To contribute to future newsletters, please email  Community Snapshot  Member institutions = 117  Member ORCID activity:  49% of members have integrated ORCID with one or more … Read More

ORCID at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine


The University of Iowa is using ORCID to help with faculty research reporting and assessing scholarly activities, specifically at the Carver College of Medicine, using a custom “Create & Connect” ORCID portal. With the goal of gathering more data on faculty publications, citation counts, and indices for the College of Medicine’s home-built faculty scholarship database, … Read More

Visual Fun Facts from the 2018 ORCID Annual Report


If you have time for some light reading, check out the latest ORCID Annual Report – see a few visual highlights below! 1. ORCID is supported by over 1,000 member organizations in 45 countries: 2. Members are integrating their systems with the ORCID API: 3. Researchers and their affiliated organizations are establishing authenticated connections via … Read More

ORCID, Diversity, & Inclusion at Virginia Commonwealth University

March 25, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) became an ORCID member in June 2017, led by the VCU Libraries in partnership with the Office of Research and Innovation. In addition to recognizing the value of ORCID for helping researchers distinguish themselves and keep track of their work and affiliations, key stakeholders at VCU, such as the Graduate School, … Read More

ORCID: The Importance of Unique Persistent Identifiers for Individuals

March 25, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

ORCID, which stands for “Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier,” provides individuals with a free, unique, persistent identifier that serves to distinguish individuals from each other and accurately connect individuals with their contributions and affiliated organizations over the course of their career, despite changes in name, occupation, location, and other variables. Anyone may register for their … Read More

ORCID at Cornell University

February 15, 2019By LYRASISORCID US

Cornell is a founding member of ORCID, committed to the ORCID vision “where all who participate in research, scholarship, and innovation are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions across disciplines, borders, and time.” Cornell runs and operates, where authors can authenticate and link their ORCID iD to their author page. Before ORCID was … Read More